Joseph Boulet:

Fuchsia is a jazz group.  Fuchsia plays everything from bop to the sounds of today’s jazz music.

Fuchsia itself is a trio consisting of Joseph Boulet on drums, Oliver Scott on piano/keys, and Matt Stephens on bass.

Even though this is our core, we like to feature our talented friends.  For both of our gigs at the barn we will be featuring somebody.  For our first gig, we hope to feature Breaux (bro) Higgins, a guitarist.

Joseph Boulet is a talented young drummer who specializes in jazz, modern r&b, and hip hop music.  For the past four years he has been under the instruction of Steve Orlofsky at George Stevens Academy.  While in high school he has studied drums with Mike Bennett and has been mentored by Peter Apfelbaum.  This fall he will be studying jazz music at McGill University in Montreal.

Oliver Scott is a multifaceted pianist who is well trained in the traditions of jazz and classical music.  Oliver graduated from George Stevens Academy in 2014 and is now studying music education at Ithaca College in upstate New York.  Even though Oliver studies jazz and classical, he is also a great funk and gospel musician.

Matt Stevens is a great electric bass player and producer who specialized in jazz, modern r&b, and funk music.  Matt was a very active player at George Stevens Academy and just graduated last year in 2016. Matt took a year off of school and during that time he became a great music producer.  This fall Matt will be pursuing music at the University of Vermont.